Extreme Practices – Video

The video of our talk at AgileTour Beirut is finally available online!

You can watch it here:


You can also have a look at my previous two blogs on the subject:

  1. Extreme Practices – The Preparation
  2. Extreme Practices – Agile Tour Beirut


Author: Ahmad Atwi

Ahmad Atwi is a Software Developer at Murex Systems, which he joined in 2009. Overall he has ten years of experience. Currently, he is a member of an agile team distributed between Paris and Beirut developing a real-time risk engine. He is an active member of the agile community at Murex and the animator of the CodingDojo sessions and meetups at the Beirut office. At the beginning of this year, he started his blog aiming to share his experience with the other developers. He spends most of his free time reading/listening to books or learning and enhancing his technical skills. On a personal level, he is squash player and a licensed scuba diver. ​

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