A highly dedicated and motivated agile software developer with more than ten years of experience in both development and operations teams. A blogger, trainer and recently a newbie speaker. Passionate about technology in general and software engineering in particular. Continuously improving technical and soft skills through reading books and articles, attending conferences, training, and online courses, and building side projects.

Currently, a member of an R&D team at Murex Systems building an In-Memory risk engine! The team is distributed between Paris and Beirut. Despite the risks of the remote collaboration, we successfully managed to adopt the Extreme Programming (XP) practices in a remote mode.

I published my first blog in June 2015 and gave my first talk at AgileTourBeirut in Octobre 2016. My major inspiration for becoming a blogger and a speaker was the book “Soft Skills. The software developer’s life manual.

Besides that, I am a sports enthusiast! I am a squash player, skier, and scuba diver.

Contact Info: 

email:     ahmadatwi23@gmail.com
twitter:   @ahmadatwi
linkedIn:  ahmadatwi
instagram: aatwi23


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello I am Gaetano and I am asking if You can help me with a website made with laravel 5.2. The site is already done, but is not online, need to be completed the payment, the refund and the fee.
    Basically the user can purchase, if he refuse the product will get automatically back the money, but if user buying, the web site will have to retain a fee to the other user who posted the product.
    This is one of the main features that need to be done.
    Let me know if You can help me and I will send you more details.



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