About Me

I like to promote myself as an XP software developer, blogger and squash player!

I am passionate about software development and in particular building products that bring value to others. Throughout my career, I have played the role of a software developer, technical coach, team lead, and project lead.

A common feedback I get from colleagues is being responsible and accountable for my work. I take ownership of my tasks and projects and never hesitate to ask for help or advice when needed. Following any feedback, I tend to work hard to improve my soft and technical skills. So far, I managed to successfully lead three major internal projects that had a huge impact on the development community of the company.

On several occasions, I was regarded as having strong “People” and “Soft” Skills. While I was leading a dev team, I adopted “Management 3.0” as my management technique. By doing so, I was able to build a trust with all my direct reports. That made it easier for me to resolve any conflict and comfortable for them to share anything with me, even what could be considered as delicate subjects.

In 2015, I started my personal technical blog aiming at sharing my technical expertise with the development community. My main focus is to document the solution for the complex problems I encounter while writing code.

I gave my first talk ‘Extreme Practices‘ at AgileTourBeirut in October 2016 and at the ‘SPA Software Conference – London‘ in June 2017. In that talk, we shared our experience of adopting the XP practices in a remote mode.

Contact Info: 

email:     ahmadatwi23@gmail.com
twitter:   @ahmadatwi
linkedIn:  ahmadatwi
instagram: aatwi23


  1. Hello I am Gaetano and I am asking if You can help me with a website made with laravel 5.2. The site is already done, but is not online, need to be completed the payment, the refund and the fee.
    Basically the user can purchase, if he refuse the product will get automatically back the money, but if user buying, the web site will have to retain a fee to the other user who posted the product.
    This is one of the main features that need to be done.
    Let me know if You can help me and I will send you more details.



    1. Hello Gaetano, thanks for your message! Unfortunately, I am currently overwhelmed with work I can’t take any external projects.


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