One week wearing a Moto 360 and Fitbit – Part Two

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In the first part of this blog, I made a comparison between the major three apps associated with Moto 360 and Fitbit. In this part, I am comparing the data collected from those devices and mentioning which one I preferred.

Data comparison

I extracted the data collected from the two devices during this week and displayed a line chart for each dashboard (Number of Steps, Active Minutes, Calories Burnt and Distance Covered). Monday through Thursday, my activity was low because it only included going to work. On Friday and Saturday, it went a bit higher as I was walking around the city. And finally, on Sunday, I deliberately went for a 30 minutes run.

The charts below clearly show that both devices operate differently. In the case of ‘Active Minutes’ and ‘Calories Burnt’, Fitbit reported numbers 30 and 8 percent higher than the Moto360. Whereas for ‘Steps’ and ‘Distance’, Moto360 was higher by 7 and 15 percent respectively.

Here are the charts

Number of Steps


Active Minutes


Calories Burnt


Distance Covered



Obviously, one of those devices is reporting wrong values, or let’s say inaccurate ones! To know which, we need to understand in details each’s mechanism and then benchmark both and compare the results. I partially tried to do that in this blog. I did a simple benchmark by wearing both at the same time, although there might be a more accurate way but that was the easiest being an end user. I also read a lot about how Fitbit works (check this article), but couldn’t find anything on Moto360. That is why I decided not to include any summary of this mechanism in the blog.

I Chose the Moto360

In my opinion, Moto360 has all the functionalities Fitbit has except for three: sports compatibility (I won’t take the risk of playing squash with my Moto360!), sleep monitor and floor counter. On the other hand, since Fitbit HR is mainly an activity tracker, it lacks the major features of Moto360. Being a Smart Watch which means full integration with the apps on your phone. And, a better design, no one can argue that the Moto360 has a better look!

After a couple of months of wearing the Fitbit, it would be very easy to predict what it will be logging by the end of the day. So, unless you are a sports professional (you might then consider a more sophisticated activity tracker), the Fitbit would be more of an extra gadget on your wrist when wearing a SmartWatch at the same time.

For me, choosing between a smart watch that does everything and an activity tracking device was easy!


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