One week wearing a Moto 360 and Fitbit – Part One

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In my previous post, I mentioned that I will be wearing the Moto360 (2nd gen) together with the Fitbit HR to make a comparison between the two devices. I did that for one full week, Monday to Sunday. And to have accurate results, I made sure to have both of them on at the same time.

I will divide my feedback and comparison into two blogs. In this part, I will be comparing the major three mobile apps associated with those devices (Google FitMotoBody, and Fitbit). Those apps are used to track, monitor and display the daily, weekly and monthly analysis of your activity.

Moto 360

Google Fit

It is Google’s default fitness tracking app, all the fitness data Google collects from you through any of its devices will be visible through this mobile app or the web interface. The app is installed by default on all Android devices, so whether you like it or not it will be there!

Supported Features:

  1. The default window displays Today’s totals (see image above)
  2. Collects data from the watch using MotoBody
  3. Displays six dashboards (Active Time, Distance, Calories, Steps, Weight and Heart Rate)
  4. You can quickly switch between dashboards
  5. Provides an easy way to manually log activities
  6. Tracks multiple activities (Walking, Running, Biking, Squash, Basketball, etc.)
  7. The activities are broken down to short activities (i.e. short walking intervals)
  8. Short activities are associated with some interesting details such as location, average pace, steps, etc. (left image below).
  9. Some dashboards display multiple activities on the same line chart graph, where each activity is a represented by a color (right image below).
  10. Data is also available on the web

Missing Features:  

  1. Still unstable! It took me many tries to be able to generate the dashboards
  2. It doesn’t display the totals on the top of the weekly dashboard
  3. Sleep and Floors dashboards
  4. The UI can be improved.


On the other hand, MotoBody is the app developed by Motorola for its wear devices. It is essential to have it installed to get the best experience of the Moto360. Unfortunately, I found that it lacks some features.


Supported Features:

  1. Fully integrated with the watch (watch screenshots above)
  2. It has dashboards for Active Minutes, Steps, Calories and Running
  3. It has a good UI that makes it a user-friendly app
  4. The default dashboard displays the data for Heart Activity, Steps, and Calories in the same window
  5. Easily swipe between daily and weekly dashboard
  6. The detailed weekly dashboards have two types of charts (line and bar)
  7. Compares the data from current week with the previous one (gray line image below)
  8. The weekly dashboard displays the total and daily average on the top

Missing Features:

  1. Dashboards for Distance, HeartRate, Sleep
  2. It only shows the daily average, so you will not be able to view your hourly activity
  3. It limits the exercises to Steps and Running
  4. There is no web interface.


You can find tens of apps integrated with the Fitbit device. But I think the official one developed by Fitbit is good enough that you won’t need to check any other, at least, I didn’t.


Supported :

  1. Its default window is the daily dashboard displaying all information the device collects (Heart Rate, Active Minutes, Steps, Sleep, etc.)
  2. The daily detailed dashboards display your hourly progress
  3. The weekly dashboard shows the total and daily average on the top
  4. Tracks multiple exercises:
    1. Allows users to start manually outdoor activities (run, walk or hike)
    2. Associates exercises with a map, calories, time and average heart rate
    3. Manually log previous exercises
    4. The latest update automatically tracks six types of activities (walk, run, outdoor bike, elliptical, sport and aerobic workout)
  5. Provides helpful and motivating features such as rewarding badges when exceeding a certain limit
  6. Allows you to connect and compares status with Facebook friends
  7. A customizable web interface

Missing Features:

  1. Requires many user actions to move between the dashboards
  2. Although it displays the hourly activities, it doesn’t show short activities like the Google Fit.
  3. Google Fit supports more exercises

Next Blog

In my next blog, I will be comparing the data collected during that week and explaining why I preferred the Moto 360 over the Fitbit.


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